Why is Search & Social Media important for businesses?

Speaking from experience, starting a new business is one of the most rewarding, but also difficult things to do. Statistics show that in the UK, roughly 80% of businesses fail within a year of starting. There can be many factors which affect the failure and success of a business. According to research, lack of research and ineffective marketing is amongst these reasons. Many people jump into starting a business without doing enough research or having a plan. I mean who wouldn't want their own business, right? However, it isn't as easy as you might think. If businesses want to exceed, they must have sufficient knowledge of research and marketing. In today’s digital world, nearly anything that has something to do with the internet, can help in promoting the business and have an impact on its success. In this blog, we will look at a few reasons why search and social media marketing is important for business.

Social Media Marketing

Simply put, social media marketing is when social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are used to connect with the target audience and increase sales. One of the first things I did when I started the Islamic Party Store was create social media accounts for it.

It is important that businesses focus on social media marketing for 4 reasons, mentioned below:

1. Brand awareness

Social media is a great platform for working on brand awareness and recognition. Sometimes, the main goal of a business being on social media isn’t to make more sales, but to interact with their customers and form a customer base. Having a good brand reputation then has a direct impact on sales rate and business success.

2. Market research

Without doing research, its hard to know what your customers want. Market research provides key insights and a deeper understanding of customers and competition. Social media marketing allows businesses to follow consumers activities and buying patterns. Learning these patterns helps businesses to focus on what they are missing and need to improve in order to be relevant to the customers.

3. Increase website traffic

Driving traffic to a website is crucial for making sales. Posts and ads on social media are great for just this. When businesses share their content which they are passionate about, other readers can sense the passion through the post and be engaged with it, eventually leading them to click on the link.

4. Boost sales

Facebook today is very different from Facebook 10 years ago. Today, businesses can open up a shop on Facebook or sell on marketplace. Not only do social media platforms allow businesses to advertise their websites, it also allows them to advertise their very shop on Facebook where customers can buy directly from Facebook.

Not only is social media marketing important but also search engine marketing. Search engine marketing has become a crucial marketing strategy. Many visitors arrive at a website after performing a search engine query. This means that they have a goal of a purchase which is why they are fulfilling the query. Therefore, search engine marketing is so important, it focuses on the consumers who want to make a purchase. If your businesses website appears at the top of the search result when the consumers query is submitted, then there is a high chance they will visit your website, and maybe even make a purchase.

SEM works by using complicated algorithms to publish the most relevant search results at the top. Google Ads is also used in this. Businesses can pay for their ads to appear when consumers search for something. SEM generally can be split into two parts. SEM and SEO. SEO tends to be a longer processes with the affects seen after months, or sometimes even years. However, SEM can potentially have immediate results, such as through the creation of ads.

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